Sophia Liu

Sophia Liu

Age: 35

Events: Road racing primarily focus on marathon

Hometown: Tianjin, China

Personal Bests

5k (Road) - 17:42 (Seattle Marathon 5k, 08/2019)

10k (Road) - 35:52 (Lake Union 10k, 08/2018)

Half - 1:18:26 (Labor Day Half , 09/2018)

Marathon 2:42:50 Marathon (California International Marathon, 12/2017)

Career Highlights

2019 Labor Day Half, 1:18:26, 3rd

2019 Boston Marathon 2:48:05

2018 Beijing Marathon 2:43:10 (9th Female, 1st non-pro Chinese Olympic selection)

2018 Shanghai Marathon 2:43:33 (13th Female, 1st non-pro Chinese Olympic selection)

2017 California International Marathon 2:42:50 (OTQ)

2017 Berlin Marathon 2:48:29 (29th female)

2016 Seattle RnR Marathon 2:51:45 (Female Champion)

2016 Beijing International Marathon 2:59:52 (8th female, 1st Chinese Female)

2015 Bellingham Bay Marathon 2:54:48 (Female Champion)

2015 Seattle Marathon 2:58:39 (Female Champion)

2014 Boston Marathon 2:57:41 (1st personal sub 3:00 performance)

2014 Seattle Marathon 2:57:30 (Female Champion, 1st marathon win)


Growing up in China, I didn’t have a traditional athlete background. In fact, my first race was the Seattle marathon in 2010, then I moved to Indiana for PhD program in exercise physiology. After graduating, I moved back to Seattle at the end of 2014 and start research scientists position at UW. In the meantime, I fell in love with the running community here and am happy to have more time to train.

In 2017, China announced a non-pro going to Olympic program which was going to select top non-Pro qualifying athletes to join for the 2020 Tokyo National Marathon Team.

Being a Chinese citizen, to compete for that spot, I had to race the selected races in China, so in 2018 I raced two major marathons in China and was the top female non-pro athlete who qualified with the previous standard (2:45). Although for 2020 the standards has been updated to 2:29, I don’t know how things will evolve now but all I need to do is to get as fit as I can and give my best shot. I am fortunate to join CNW and have my support team here training together to reach to our potential.

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