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Club Northwest has funds available for Club members seeking financial assistance to compete in events that help them reach their high-performance goals. This funding is primarily dedicated to athletes focused on qualifying for or competing at the level of the Olympic trials or a national championship. Funding is available for any race that allows them to compete at this level.

Below are the Club’s A and B standards for earning funding. The A standard can earn an athlete up to $500 per event, while meeting the B standard can earn them up to $250 per event. If you have run the C standard, feel free to contact us, but note that this does not guarantee funding.

Athletes must provide proof of performance within the last 2 years. Athletes must use performances from the distance for which they seek funding or the next longer or shorter distance. For example, if your seek funding to compete in the 5,000m, past times from the 3,000m and 10,000m are valid. Equivalent times within the same range (e.g., a converted 2-mile performance) are also valid. Athletes are limited to two events per year, though we consider exceptions as our budget allows.

For the marathon specifically, some leniency may apply as the budget allows and subject to discretion of the CNW events committee and coaches. Funding is not available to participants of our Marathon Program.

To apply, please fill out our high-performance competition form.

men’s standards

event a B C

800 1:51.50 1:54.50 1:59.50

1500/mile 3:51.0/4:09.5 3:57.0/4:16.0 4:05.0/4:24.0

3000 8:19:00 8:33:00 8:58.00

5000 14:15:00 14:40:00 15:10.00

10000 30:00.00 31:00.00 32:00.00

Half Marathon 65:00 68:00 72:00

Marathon 2:21:00 2:25:00 2:32:00

women’s standards

event A B C

800 2:10.5 2:13.5 2:18.0

1500/mile 4:24.0/4:44.0 4:30.0/4:50.0 4:40.0/5:02.0

3000 9:28:00 9:44:00 10:05.00

5000 16:20:00 16:48:00 17:20.00

10000 34:30.00 35:45.00 37:00.00

Half Marathon 74:30 76:30 81:00

Marathon 2:47:00 2:51:00 3:00:00

If you meet these requirements, email your completed application to team manager Deborah Fletcher at and the VP of teams Waqar Shaikh at

CLUB NORTHWEST Brooks Elite Team


Every January, Club Northwest awards Brooks gear packages to 20 athletes. The gear package includes five pairs of trainers, two racing shoes (spikes or flats), one warmup top, one warmup bottom, one long sleeve shirt, one short sleeve shirt, and two pairs of shorts. Athletes receiving a Brooks gear package must race in Brooks/CNW gear at all events. To apply, complete our Brooks gear package form by the January deadline.

Thank you to Brooks for continuing to support Club Northwest with these packages.