Club Northwest Marathon Program


The goal of the Club Northwest Marathon Program is to create a training group for athletes looking to run a marathon in either the spring or fall. Club Northwest will help support this group by paying $150 to each qualified athlete that races one of the planned marathons.

Planned 2019 Spring marathons: Boston & Eugene

Planned 2019 Fall marathons: Chicago, Victoria, & Twin Cities

If you are interested in running one of these marathons and joining a training group, email the teams manager Deborah Fletcher at or the VP of teams Waqar Shaikh at Deborah and Waqar can then refer you to the appropriate training group to get you prepared for your marathon!

Requirements & HOW-TO

  • In order to be considered for financial support you need to be able to run the following standards on a USATF certified course without the aid of too much elevation drop. If you run the standard on race day that is fine as well. If you are close to the standard an exception may be made if the budget allows.

    • Men

      • Marathon: 2:45:00

      • Half Marathon: 78:00

    • Masters Men

      • Marathon: 2:55:00

      • Half Marathon: 82:00

    • Women

      • Marathon: 3:10:00

      • Half Marathon: 90:00

    • Masters Women

      • Marathon: 3:20:00

      • Half Marathon: 95:00

  • Even if you don’t meet our comp standards please feel free to join a training group! Waqar or Deborah will help you find athletes that you can train with.

  • Before each race there will be a deadline to declare your intent to join the program. This will normally be months in advance of the race. The intent is that everyone who joins the program is training and working with the group in the lead-up to the race. Although we are proud to be able to offer our athletes financial support, the main purpose of this program is to foster a productive and fun training group for these races.

  • The intent is that everyone who has made the comp entry standards will receive support. If the budget allows, we will award support to additional athletes. Please note that there is a set amount of funding for this program. If we have a higher than expected number of people apply for support, we may need to impose stricter requirements than our comp standards. We will try to be as transparent as possible about this! Please note you can’t double-dip in the marathon program funding and the elite athlete funding for the same race.

  • If you have a marathon that falls within a week of the planned races (this allows you to have the same training regime as those racing the planned races) we may make an exception for providing support for that race as well.

Marathon program results

  • 2019 Boston

    • Benjamin Xie, 2:43:07

    • Nick Bowden, 2:47:09

    • Sophia Liu, 2:48:05

    • Ashley Nichols, 3:02:32

    • Hillary Shaw, 3:03:02

    • Kristen Mossman, 3:21:26

    • John Leo, 3:23:56

    • Danielle Henty, 3:28:19

  • 2019 Eugene

    • Claire DeVoe, 2:42:46, OLYMPIC TRIALS QUALIFIER!

  • 2018 Boston

    • Shaun Frandsen, 2:34:56, 2nd Overall Masters

    • Jordan Andersen, 2:38:15

    • Ari Schorr, 2:43:42

    • Gabriel Kliot, 2:47:13

    • Pat Ward, 3:00:57

    • Laura Misumoto, 3:10:56

    • Caitlin McIlwain, 3:32:20

  • 2018 Eugene

    • Moira O’Connor Lenth, 2:51:28

    • Shelley Chestler, 2:59:02

  • 2018 Chicago

    • Nick Welch, 2:29:20

    • Phil Olson, 2:33:39

    • Gabriel Kliot, 2:34:23

    • Pete Hanson, 2:34:48

    • Mark Bloudek, 3:05:42

    • Heather Tanner, 2:47:49

    • Andie Roff, 3:25:33

  • 2018 Victoria

    • Ian Fraser, 2:34:26

    • David Fort, 2:37:20

    • Seth Berntsen, 2:46:27

  • 2018 Twin Cities

    • Deborah Fletcher, 3:34:17