Jim McGill

Age: 70
Events: 5k-10k Road Races, Cross Country
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
College Competed For: Reed College


880: 1:57.0 (1967)

Mile: 4:17 (1967)

5k: 15:35 (1991)

8k: 26:43 (1989)

10k: 31:51 (1985)

1/2 Marathon: 1:15 (1990)

Marathon: 2:52 (1979)

Career Highlights:

18th in 5K (40-44), World Masters Games, Turku, Finland, 1991

US Champion (50-54), 5K Road Race, Carlsbad, CA, 1999


I started running in 1961 at Lincoln High School, Portland, OR. I ran too hard and burned out. So I didn't run again seriously until I'd finished my Ph.D. in Chemistry at UW and got a job in Baltimore, MD. I suddenly had free time and felt like running seriously again. I ran a bunch of local races including a couple marathons. It cured me of marathons but I found I liked the shorter stuff and focused on 5-10k. I moved back to Seattle in 1981 and joined CNW.  I'm now racing at paces that I used to do easy recovery runs, but I'm still running.