Club Northwest Roles and Membership

Executive Committee

Comprised of the five officers, immediate past president, and the Events Committee chair.  Has "the normal powers and limitations of such a body." Meets between meetings of the Board to share information, conduct necessary club business, and generally provide oversight over Club activities.  Decisions made by the Executive Committee must be ratified by the full Board at its next regular meeting.

Chair: Tyler Van Dooren. 

Members: Waqar Shaikh, Caitlin McIlwain, Rick Albright, Nick Welch, Andrea Garvue, Bill Roe.


Finance Committee

Oversees the overall club budget and ensures responsible financial management.  Has the authority to create and manage contracts.  At present, the Finance Committee has merged with the Executive Committee. (I mention this as a separate committee because it is specifically called out in our by-laws.) 

Membership: Same as Executive Committee, headed by Nick Welch.


Membership Committee

Manages public relations, social events, membership benefits, and publications.  Manages Wild Apricot.  Plans the annual CNW membership meeting.  Is providing leadership for developing a NW Women’s Running Retreat and for the annual fundraising drive.

Chair: Caitlin McIlwain. 

Members: Kimber Hinson, Spencer Walsh, Tahoma Doyon, Tracy Wollschlager (membership manager), Acy Roff, Andie Roff, Ashley Nichols, Andrea Garvue, Tyler Van Dooren.


Events Committee

Plans and executes club events such as Reso Run, All-Comers meets, Firecracker 5000, Winter Grand Prix and other events.  Coordinates with PNTF and Seattle U to put on Emerald City XC meet, PNTF, and USATF XC meets.  Handles volunteers, equipment, event contracts, and measurement.  Currently provides leadership for marketing and sponsorship for key events.  

Chair: Lance Thompson.  

Members: Bill Roe, Tahoma Doyon, Spencer Walsh, Dylan Kent, Tyler Van Dooren.


Communications Committee

Manages messaging to the CNW community and ensures communication is "on brand." This includes communication to the CNW community via social media and eNews. Additionally, oversees management of, and provides content for, the CNW website. Works to support communication efforts for the events, membership, and teams committees. Manages relationship with RaceCenter, including provision of Club News. 

Chair:  Andrea Garvue. 

Members: Lana Lacey, Ashley Nichols, Jules McArthur, Nick Welch, Sheridan Grant, Tyler Van Dooren.


Teams Committee

Manages and supports club teams, including all team administrative duties.  Manage elite athlete financial support (solicitation of interest, award decisions, contracts/agreements, and travel support).  Manage fall XC and spring T&F programs for open and masters’ team.  Develops all policies related to team eligibility, financial support, uniforms, allocation of prize money, etc.   Manage the Brooks and other sponsorships.  Manage team uniforms and race comp entries. 

Chair: Waqar Shaikh

Members: Mark Bloudek, Tom Cotner, Deborah Fletcher, Meghan Lyle, Amber McCulloh, Nick Welch, Tyler Van Dooren.