On the Blog: Summer Runnin'

On the Blog: Summer Runnin'

Summer Runnin’

As the weather heats up, a mid or post run dip in a cold body of water makes for a refreshing break or finale. But if you have run in Seattle with any regularity, you’ve likely lapped Green Lake countless times and may feel a bit squeamish about what lies beneath. Sure, there’s Seward Park and Madison Beach, but, like Green Lake, these summer favorites are often packed and along the beaten path. This month’s On the Blog features lesser-known and creative alternatives to Seattle’s more popular swimming holes.

On the Blog: The Gritty Woman

On the Blog: The Gritty Woman

A Prelude to Some Grit…

When I put together the Women’s Month Article Questionnaire, I didn’t anticipate close to 40 responses from female-identified athletes all over the world. From elite marathoners to a Team USA triple jumper to local XC athletes, the women who contributed truly represent the top tier of competitive distance runners and track and field athletes. The voices featured below range in age from 22 to 51, and draw from a diverse socioeconomic, cultural, linguistic, and racial demographic. Without hesitation, these courageous athletes responded to the following four questions, thus providing the fodder for this month’s Club Northwest blog post.

Summer Recap

This summer saw long-time and new Club Northwest athletes competing on the track and roads.

After a one-year hiatus, the Seafair Torchlight Run resumed with a pack of orange up front. The Reed household grabbed two victories as Chris and Annie won the men’s and women’s 8k, with Andy Reed (no relation) taking the men’s 5k for to ensure surname dominance. Behind Chris were four more Club runners, as Spencer Walsh was second, Lance Thompson third (and masters champ), Ari Schorr fourth, and Destry Johnson fifth and second masters.

Featured CNW Athlete: Meghan Lyle

CNW Athlete, Meghan Lyle shares her experiences and background as a runner. 

Tell us about your running history.

I was a late bloomer, playing soccer through high school and doing track 'on the side' just to stay fit. Later in college I was continuing to run for fitness, and started to develop more speed as I trained for a few half marathons.  One random day my senior year, I did a treadmill run, and was running late for an engagement so I picked up the pace.  I was able to run about 7:00 mile pace and I thought "Hey l, I wonder how fast you have to run to run to run in college?"  I started looking up the Husky women's race times online, and did the calculations.  To this day I can't believe I had the gumption to do this, but I contacted the coach to see if I could try out for the team anyway.  I also can't believe they took a chance on such an unseasoned runner.  They gave me a training schedule for the summer, and I walked on as a 5th year senior.  The exposure to D1 training was miraculous for improving my fitness, and I ended up running really well, even making our XC Nationals team, and ultimately running third for the team at XC Nationals.